Cashew coffee by Pinch of Yum أضيفت بواسطة Yasmine Mansouri, المشروبات, نشر في ١١/٢٨/١٨

  • عدد الأشخاص ١ أشخاص
    • 1 serving of strongly brewed coffee (about 1 1/2 cups)
    • 1/4 cup cashews (roasted and unsalted is my favorite)
    • 1 tablespoon honey (more or less to taste)
    • a small pinch of coarse sea salt
  • وقت التحضير ١٥ دقيقة
  • وقت الطبخ ٢ دقيقة
  • مستوى الصعوبة سهلة

لتبدأي الآن

Blend all ingredients for about 45 seconds in a high-powered blender. Start on a lower speed and gradually work your way up, ending with about 15 seconds on a very high speed to ensure smooth and creamy texture. Pour into a mug and enjoy, or chill for later (see notes)!
I skipped the honey and used stevia
If you want to a COLD cashew coffee, you have two options. Option 1) Blend everything while the coffee is hot and then chill it overnight in a jar with a lid. It will separate, so just give it a good shake in the morning and pour over ice and you’ll be good to go. Option 2) Soak your cashews in water for a few hours and give them a good rinse. Now they should blend up nicely with cold coffee – either cold press or just chilled brewed coffee.

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